Why are Clear Aligners Ideal as Adult Braces?

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Not many have heard that they can correct their smile using clear aligners. But yes, it is true. You can correct your smile using clear aligners. Many adults have consistently put off the idea of straightening their teeth because they don’t fancy wearing orthodontics. However, the development of modern aligners has made it possible for everyone to have straighter teeth.

So, how do adult braces work? Let’s have a look.

Overview of clear aligners

Clear aligners are produced from medical-grade transparent plastic. They are custom-made, and so fit well over the front of your teeth. Note that clear aligners are not completely invisible. Nevertheless, most won’t know that you are wearing them.

Clear aligners are very efficient at correcting mild dental issues. So efficient are they that they are the go-to straightening option for most adults with uneven gaps between the teeth, mildly crooked teeth, or protruding teeth.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners work the same way as orthodontic braces. They shift your teeth into the right position. However, this doesn’t happen all at once. The shifting process occurs gradually. What makes clear aligners unique as adult braces is that they don’t use brackets and wires. Also, you don’t have to visit your dentist regularly for adjustment. Instead, you’ll get a replacement approximately every two weeks. Every new set of clear aligners that you wear maps a new position for your teeth to shift into.

This way, there will be no need for frequent visits to the dentist, and you can spend your free moments doing the things you love to do.

It is also important to note that all treatment plans must be carefully followed as prescribed by your dental practitioner.

To enjoy the full benefits of clear aligners are adult braces, you’ll have to wear them for 22 hours daily.

How long will my treatment last?

How long your orthodontic treatment lasts depends on how complex your case is. You will discuss this with your dental care provider. Most adult patients however may have a treatment duration of 4 – 6 months.

To enjoy the full benefits of clear aligners as adult braces, you have to wear them for the entire duration of your treatment. Not doing so puts your teeth at risk of shifting back.

How to care for your clear aligners

The best way to maintain the transparency of your clear aligners is by keeping them clean. You can remove them when you want to eat or drink. You can wear your clear aligners while drinking water. Having a stain on your aligners can make them more visible.

Any time you eat, ensure that you brush your teeth and clean your aligners. That way, you’re sure of removing any bacteria that may be trapped in your mouth.

You should also adhere to the cleaning instructions prescribed by your dental care provider. Each brand of clear aligner has a slightly different process to follow. But on a general note, clear aligners should be cleaned with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do not clean your clear aligners with hot water. Hot water can alter the shape of the plastic.

Benefits of clear aligners

Clear aligners are ideal as adult braces because they straighten your smile discreetly. They are very efficient and work well for adults who will wear them as directed and for the recommended time frame. They also work well with people who adhere to strict dental hygiene standards. In the past, very many patients ignored or delayed their orthodontic treatment because they did not fancy wearing metal braces.

Another thing that makes clear aligners ideal as adult braces is their comfortability. Yes! They are very comfortable to wear and can be adjusted with ease.

Modern dental technology has improved orthodontics drastically so that they no longer interfere with your professional and social life.

It is worth mentioning that if clear aligners are not ideal for your situation, your dentist will discuss alternatives like ceramic and lingual braces. Teeth straightening is ideal for everyone, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider it.To learn more about how clear aligners work and how they can correct your smile, please get in touch with one of our friendly, local Australian support team members today.

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