Teeth Aligners: Expectations vs Reality

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Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is a very popular choice of dental treatment for various reasons. The reasons are so compelling that more patients are switching to this mode of teeth straightening treatment. However, the internet is awash with information about teeth aligners – so much that it gets confusing, and overwhelming at times. While some of the information are facts, others are primarily myths and misconceptions that need to be clarified.

In this article, Beam clarifies a few such myths and facts.

Expectation 1: Teeth aligners are less effective than metal braces

Reality: The popular belief is that metal braces are best for correcting major dental alignment conditions, while clear aligners are best suited for mild conditions. Well, to some extent, this was true. However, due to advancements in dental technology, teeth aligners have undergone a lot of innovations. Currently, Beam Clear Aligners in many cases, are as effective and efficient as metal braces. They work well even for complex dental conditions.

Expectation 2: Teeth aligners are uncomfortable

Reality: Metal braces are uncomfortable to some extent, no doubt. However, clear teeth aligners are the exact opposite. Each set of custom aligners is custom-made and fits seamlessly over your teeth like a pair of gloves. Yes, there may be some initial discomfort, but you’ll get used to it in no time.

Expectation 3: Clear teeth aligners require a special diet

Reality: Because teeth aligners are custom-made, you can remove them with ease. You can take it out before flossing, brushing, or eating. The good news is that there are no food restrictions. You don’t have to worry about food getting stuck as is the case with metal braces. Also, you can clean your clear teeth aligners before wearing them again. Of course, cleaning your teeth aligners is a necessity. It is also important that you floss and brush your teeth properly to avoid tooth decay or plaque.

Expectation 4: Treatment takes a long time

Reality: It is important to note that teeth straightening is not an overnight procedure – it isn’t something that can be done in an instant. It takes due course whether you are using metal braces or clear teeth aligners. Tooth movement is more of a biological process and therefore has boundaries as to its level of safety. However, it is a different process with clear aligners. The correction process begins immediately. What’s more? By changing your aligners weekly, you’ll notice a shift in your teeth’ position in no time.

Expectation 5: Any dentist is qualified to treat you with teeth aligners

Reality: Only registered dentists can treat your dental alignment issues with teeth aligners. Also, orthodontists undergo special 3-4-year training so they can offer complex treatments. They’ve got the best tech and tools to make an accurate diagnosis and create the most suitable aligner for you.You must consult your local dentist to evaluate your treatment plan. You can also get in touch with any of our friendly, local Australian support team members today.

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