Straighten Your Teeth Without Anyone Knowing


Nothing beats having straight, beautiful teeth. But then, what’s the fun in living with braces? You’ll agree the feeling is not so great. But then there’s no need to fear. In this article, you’ll learn how you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing and best of all with Beam clear aligners you can straighten your teeth without dentist appointments. 

Yes! Who wouldn’t appreciate a set of straight, snow whites? It gives your mouth a beautiful look, and can easily be cleaned and maintained. You see, not everyone fancies the traditional metal braces, so you should consider certain things before deciding how you’d like to have your teeth straightened.

Braces: The traditional teeth-straightening method

Everyone knows the traditional braces – they are ceramic or metal fixtures that are applied to the surface of the teeth. They are usually held in position by an archwire and pulled gradually into place. Braces may be worn for at least two years. You’ll have to watch your diet during the period. Foods that you may avoid include hard foods and sticky foods. This is important considering that braces will make flossing and brushing difficult. Braces will also cause some discomfort, so you’ll have to brace yourself for this. You see, your tongue and soft cheeks will always make contact with the wires and brackets.

Straighten Your Teeth

So, what’s the best alternative to braces?

Invisible aligners

Invisible braces, like Beam Clear Aligners and Invisalign, are very popular teeth straightening options for many people. What makes them unique is the safety, discreetness, and convenient teeth straightening option that they offer.

You see, clear aligners are also known as invisible aligners. They are a kind of orthodontic treatment designed to correct crooked or misaligned teeth.  As the name implies, clear aligners are virtually invisible and a good alternative to braces. They are more flexible and convenient.

Aligner trays aren’t built the same. They are customized, and this depends on the severity of your malocclusion (misalignment).

In-office clear aligners can treat different cases, such as:

  • Open bites: here, the lower and front upper teeth slant outward when your mouth is closed. The teeth do not touch. This type of malocclusion is quite rare.
  • Diastema: in a diastema, you have large or small gaps between the teeth.
  • Underbites: there is an overlap of the lower front teeth with the upper front teeth.
  • Overbites: there is an overlap of the upper front teeth with the lower front teeth
  • Crowded teeth: there is a general overlap of the teeth
  • Misaligned baby teeth: during the first phase of orthodontic treatment, you may use clear aligners to create room for existing primary teeth and developing permanent teeth. Children between the ages of 6-10 are eligible for this form of treatment.

Where you can get invisible aligners in Australia 

Beam is the way to go.

What makes Beam unique is that it offers you the ability to straighten teeth without dentist appointments. You can safely straighten your teeth from home. Yes!

There’s no need for dental office visits. Our licensed dentists are involved in all the stages of your treatment to ensure that your teeth straightening goes according to plan.

How does Beam work?

It is easy and simple to get started with home teeth straightening kit. First, you order the kit to take your dental impression at home. Beam offers an impression kit for just $49.00. Once you order your impression kit, it is immediately shipped to you, and you can take your impressions at home!

The beam will then use your impressions to design an entirely personalized treatment plan to straighten your teeth. Our plans are approved by licensed dentists.

Obtain perfect results

After getting your approved treatment plan, your aligners will be sent to you. All you have to do is wear them and move on with your life. At Beam, we work hard to ensure that our costs are low and very affordable. You also have access to flexible financing options to make your treatment pocket-friendly. BEAM prices are very low compared to what is offered by other companies.

Responsive customer service

Beam believes in high standards and competency. This explains why we are available to respond to your inquiries 24/7. You can email us at or send us a message via WhatsApp on +61421577409

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