Insecure about your teeth? Did You Know Teeth Insecurities Affect 53% of Us?

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There is a strong link between your teeth and your self-esteem

Let’s begin with a question:

“What is the first thing anybody notices about you?” 

It’s your smile. A good smile encourages people to approach you and trust you more. But the sad truth is that not everyone loves their smile. Some people may have an overbite, discolored teeth, or even crooked teeth. They may also not be confident about their smile and how it looks. The bad news is that many people are self-conscious about their smiles. Over 50 percent of Americans have profound insecurity about their teeth. People who are insecure about their teeth tend to cover their mouths when laughing. Sometimes, they smile without showing their teeth. Yes, it may not seem like a big deal at first, but teeth insecurities can hugely impact your self-esteem. 

Your teeth are vital to your oral health, and there’s a strong connection between your teeth and your self-esteem. As we mentioned previously, your smile is the first thing people notice about you. For those that say I’m insecure about my teeth then you won’t smile as much and as well as you should. Being insecure about your teeth decreases your self-esteem. Smiling improves your mood. Unfortunately, people who feel less confident about their smiles often lose out on these benefits.

There’s nothing uncommon about teeth insecurity. Many people feel it. However, they must understand their teeth’ impact on their self-esteem, whether bad or good. If you feel insecure about your teeth, several options are available to help transform your smile.

Covering your smile

In the link above, we saw that over half of Americans have some form of teeth insecurity. Whether it is due to crooked teeth, an uneven bite, or stained teeth, most people will be willing to hide their smiles from their loved ones. But it is worth mentioning that covering your smile or attempting to hide your teeth will harm your oral health.

Let’s take an example – your teeth have many functions – talking is one of them. But many people try hard to hide their dental flaws. They may do this by speaking quietly or by mumbling. They never open their mouth wide. The bad news is that this impacts negatively on the way you speak. Changing how wide you open your mouth or covering your mouth will force you to speak in an unnatural tone. Doing this will cause your facial muscles to become inflexible and rigid, and it will remain this way for life. As a result, your speech will be changed for life, and so will your smile.

The impact of smiling

As we said earlier, people who say I’m insecure about my teeth will do everything possible to avoid showing off their teeth. Their perceptions of their smiles affect both their mental health and self-esteem. Smiling is beneficial to mental health in many ways.

It is important to note that when you’re faking it or not, you boost your mood when you smile. This is because smiling activates neural messaging in your brain, which triggers the secretion of mood-boosting chemicals like serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. So a mere flash of a smile can boost your mood. Smiling also reduces stress, thanks to the release of these mood-enhancing chemicals.

Smiling is quite contagious. Our brains contain mirror neurons that reflect our behavior or help us copy what we see. Therefore, we can understand the intentions and feelings behind the smiles we receive and always wish to reciprocate them. But then, understanding the benefits of a smile to mental health and self-esteem may not be enough for people who are seriously insecure about their dentition. The feeling of shame may still plague them, so they refuse to smile in front of others.

But there’s good news. People who suffer low self-esteem due to missing teeth, bad teeth, poor dental hygiene, or other conditions can also improve their smiles using cosmetic dentistry.

Overview of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is any form of treatment done to improve the appearance of the smile or teeth. It is usually called a smile makeover. A perfectly done cosmetic dentistry can change the physical appearance of your teeth in terms of color, shape, and position. Cosmetic dentistry can also change the appearance of your gum line. This means that cosmetic dentistry can resolve any issue bordering on the look of your teeth, for instance, the gap between your teeth or an underbite/overbite. It can also improve the functionality of your teeth, helping with periodontitis, bruxism, hyperdontia, and supernumerary.

There are several cosmetic dentistry options. These include:

  • Porcelain crowns
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Clear aligners
  • Porcelain veneers, etc.

Dentures, dental implants, and braces are also used to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Once you give your smile a lift via cosmetic dentistry, you will be able to laugh and smile confidently, eat better, and also speak freely. The goal of these procedures is to boost your confidence when you smile. Whether we admit it or not, your looks matter to many people. And your appearance starts with a smile. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, people with good smiles are more attractive, more interesting, more intelligent, and even more successful. So, the appearance of your teeth holds a lot of value even when you think they don’t. We all want to have an attractive smile.


So for those saying I’m insecure about my teeth, there’s no better way to improve your smile than undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Combine this with oral hygiene practices such as brushing twice daily and flossing every day, and you will have that perfect smile that everyone admires. After improving your smile and the appearance of your teeth, you can enjoy the full benefits of smiling. You can smile with ease, and release happy hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. In addition, your smile contributes immensely to your mental health and self-esteem. If you keep saying I’m insecure about my teeth and are ready to effect change, reach out to Beam Clear Aligners today, and we will give your smile a perfect makeover.

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