How Should Clear Aligners Fit & Function

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Your aligner should be in the perfect spot and you should feel no pain.

When dentists or orthodontists create an aligner, the goal is to have it sit evenly across your teeth. So this means that the bottom edge of the aligner should be even with the top edge of your gums.

The way to check this is by placing a finger on one side and your thumb on the other side and then pressing down gently. If you can feel any space between the two fingers, then you know that your aligner needs adjusting.

All aligners come with a bit of give so remember – there may be a bit of space.

The aligner is designed to fit closely behind your teeth, but not all people have the same size of crevices between their teeth. This is normal and some space is needed to ensure that you have a comfortable wearing experience.

One of the benefits of using an aligner over traditional braces is that there are no metal wires on the inside of your teeth. This will prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Your aligner should cover most of your molars.

The aligner should cover most of the molars. This will help to ensure that the aligning process is as effective as possible and that they can’t slip out of place.

Don’t use small aligners that only cover the teeth and not your molars. This will be ineffective and won’t correct your bite properly.

The fit should be snug the first time you put your aligner in.

The first time you put your aligner on, it should fit snugly on your teeth. The first week of wearing the aligner will cause some discomfort, but this feeling will subside after the first few days.

To get the best result, your aligner should cover the top of most of your teeth.

The aligner should cover the top of most of your teeth but leave room for you to engage in certain activities such as eating and speaking. If it doesn’t cover these areas then there is not much point in wearing it because you won’t be able to move your mouth properly, which defeats the point of using an aligner!

Beam Clear Aligners

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