Here's How Beam Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth.

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How Beam works

Dentist directed teeth straightening without the in-person appointments

Straighten teeth from the comfort of home. No more dentist appointments and old fashioned waiting rooms. Our licenced dentists monitor your treatment remotely. Simply upload photos of your progress to the Beam app for our team to review. Our team will ensure everything is going to plan.


How Beam clear aligners straighten teeth

Our clear aligners straighten your teeth by gradually shifting teeth into their desired position. This is achieved by wearing your multiple sets of custom-made aligners as prescribed in your treatment plan. Best of all you can straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home.

Superior comfort and teeth moving force.

Other clear aligner brands use thermoplastics which are a stiff material and can cause pain and discomfort. These lower grade materials can’t offer the same consistent tooth moving force over time. As treatment progresses these materials weaken and ultimately lower one’s chances of completing a successful alignment. In comparison, at Beam we use premium Zendura FLX material. The secret to Zendura FLX’s superior performance and comfort is its elastomeric inner layer encased in a unique dual shell construction.

  • Laboratory test results have shown that Zendura FLX offers the following benefits as compared to lower grade thermoplastics used by major clear aligner competitors.
    • Generates 40% less initial force than earlier generation aligner materials.
    • 20% better teeth movement force over a 7-10 day wear period.
    • Retains 150% more orthodontic force after a normal wear period.
    • 300% improvement in tear strength.
    • 87% less staining
  • This results in improved patient comfort, superior teeth movement force and our aligners are less prone to breakage & staining.

Brighter Smile.

While you’re wearing your clear aligners for 20+ hours per day we figure you might as well get the most out of it. That’s why we include free teeth whitening with clear aligner treatment plans.


Retain Your New Smile.

Keep your teeth in place with Beam nighttime retainers. We’ve made protecting your smile investment simple with our nighttime retainers.

  • Stops teeth from shifting after aligner treatment.
  • Only required to wear your retainers at night.
  • Designed for 6 month wear.

Advanced manufacturing processes

Our advanced manufacturing process ensures we produce the most effective, comfortable and affordable aligners available. Our manufacturing facility has produced 2 million clear aligners to date and counting. Your aligners are in safe hands.

Our manufacturing facility has produced 2 million + clear aligners

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Beam smile guarantee

We want you to love the result from your Beam clear aligners. That’s why we offer a Beam Smile Guarantee. If the end result doesn’t match your 3D plan we will provide extra aligners free of charge. Simply upload the requested photos throughout your treatment plan to be eligible for the smile guarantee.

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