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Frequently asked questions...

It has been shown that the material used during clear aligner treatment can have a drastic influence on the success and experience of a treatment course. Stiff materials can cause pain and discomfort. Other clear aligners use thermoplastics which is a stiff material and can cause pain and discomfort. These lower grade materials also can’t offer the same consistent tooth moving force over time as treatment progresses, these materials weaken and ultimately lower one’s chances of completing a successful alignment. These lower grade thermoplastic materials are also have a much higher chance of breaking and stainage. The secret to our superior performance and comfort is our premium Zendura FLX material with an elastomeric inner layer encased in a unique dual shell construction.

We recommend you take our FREE Smile Assessment to find out if you qualify. If you qualify next steps are to purchase a Beam Impression Kit.

Your impressions will give us the information to determine if you are a good fit for Beam. Broadly speaking, Beam is designed to work for minor to moderate spacing & crowding between the teeth as well as rotation and minor bite correction.

If you're not a candidate for Beam we will refund you the price of your impression kit.

Our impression kits come with 2 attempts for both your top and bottom impressions. In addition, we provide instructions with your impression kit. If you have any concerns feel free to reach out to us at hello@trybeam.com.au before you take your impressions and we can clarify any concerns.

If for some reason you do mess up your impressions we will send out another kit at our expense including the cost of shipping.

Your impressions will let us know if you're a good candidate for Beam - if you're not we will refund you the cost of your impression kit.

Clear aligners are not covered by health insurance in Australia. This is across the board and not just for Beam clear aligners. However, we believe Beam clear aligners are still a very affordable solution compared to braces, Invisalign and other alternatives.

Definitely, we want you to be confident with your finished smile. After we receive your impressions we will include a 3d visualization of the before and after photos as our dental team build-out your treatment plan.

Yes, your new smile will be reviewed, modified (if necessary) and approved by a registered dentist or orthodontist.

Yes, your aligner kit will come with a free Beam teeth whitening kit.

It takes around 2-4 weeks. To make it as quick as possible, send your impressions, fill our your consent form and upload your photos ASAP.

Each case is different, although a typical case is between 4-6 months - much faster than traditional braces which can take up to 2 years of miscomfort.

We want you to love the result from your Beam clear aligners. That's why we offer a Beam Smile Guarantee. If the end result doesn't match your 3D plan we will provide extra aligners free of charge.

To qualify for free refinement aligners, you must:

  1. Upload the requested photos throughout your treatment plan.
  2. Upload your final photos within 2 weeks of completing the treatment.
  3. Write to us at hello@trybeam.com.au requesting a refinement within 2 weeks of completion.

Yes, we do offer a payment plan for our clear aligners through BeamPay. You can lear more about BeamPay on our pricing page.

After treatment you should wear a retainer regularly to maintain your new smile. We include one free retainer set with your Beam clear aligner purchase. We recommend for the first 2 weeks after treatment you wear them 24 hours a day (except for eating and drinking). After that initial two week period, we recommend you wear your retainers only while you sleep. We recommend you replace your retainers every 6 months to keep them fresh. We sell high quality retainers and even offer a subscription for your convenience, although feel free to purchase whatever is most convenient for you.

Our friendly local support team will be more than happy to answer any additional questions. We offer live chat on our website or alternatively you can email us anytime at hello@trybeam.com.au

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