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Another name for clear aligners is invisible aligners or teeth aligners. They are a cost-effective way to straighten your teeth. Every day, the popularity of clear aligners grows as compared to conventional braces. For several decades, orthodontists have used metal braces to straighten the smiles of their clients across the globe.

And guess what?

Clear aligners are known to be the most cost-effective teeth alignment systems and they differ from the braces in many ways.

Most clear aligners are made of polyurethane materials. They are very transparent and clear, so clear that an onlooker won’t see them until he or she comes close. Clear aligners are replaced every 2 weeks with a new set to maintain the straightening process. There are many brands of clear aligners including Smile Direct Club, Candid Co and others.

In this article, we will review several cheap clear aligners, and of course, get to know the one with the most affordable pricing and best treatment options. This will help you to make a clear decision when selecting yours.

What you should know before purchasing your first clear aligner

Before getting your first clear aligners, there are a few things you should know, especially what they are and how they work. Most brands of clear aligners work similarly but also differ in some ways. Another thing you should understand is that you may or may not be eligible for a clear aligner depending on the severity of your condition.

Clear aligners are designed to reposition your teeth gradually. What differentiates them from braces is that you can adjust them on your own without necessarily visiting the dentist. Just remove the old set and put on the new one. Each new set of clear aligners is slightly different from the former. Of course, it is designed this way to gradually straighten your teeth. The teeth straightening program usually lasts between 4-6 months. The duration of the program depends on the severity of your condition.

The good thing about clear aligners is that there are no metal nodes or wires that mount to your teeth. As the name implies, they are clear, thus their increasing popularity. But then, not all brands have the same level of comfort and invisibility. Some are more invisible than others. Regardless, they all have a clear appearance overall.

To get a cheap clear aligner, you’ll first get one or two impressions of your teeth. When you send us your impression kit, our dentists will do a review and determine your eligibility for clear aligners. If you are eligible, you can place an order for your aligner. At Beam, we take great care when molding yours so that it fits perfectly. Clear aligners must be used according to instructions. They should also be used consistently until your schedule is completed. If you fail to, then they won’t work as they should.

Types of cheap clear aligners

Brands like Clear Correct and Invisalign can be obtained through your dentist, but others like SmileDirectClub are purchased online. The fact is, the cheapest clear aligners are those obtained online as we are able to pass on the cost savings by going direct to you, the consumer.

The cheapest clear aligners in the market share similar characteristics. However, each brand varies in material, style and comfort. For instance, Beam clear aligners are thinner, thus feeling more comfortable and clearer than Invisalign and some other clear aligners.

What sets Beam apart from other clear aligner brands aside from being Australian owned with local support is that we use premium Zendura FLX material

Results from laboratory tests have shown that Zendura FLX offers a lot of benefits as compared to the thermoplastic materials used by major competitors. These include:

  • Generating a 40% less initial force compared to earlier generation aligners, providing improved comfort, and also delivering better teeth movement force.
  • Teeth movement force improves by 20% over a 7–10-day period.
  • Retains 150% more orthodontic force after a normal wear period compared to other competitors.
  • Tear strength is improved by over 300% meaning that it is far less prone to breakage.
  • Staining is reduced by over 87% so Beam clear aligners will stay clear for a longer duration.

Are clear aligners expensive? 

No, clear aligners are affordable compared to braces. The thing is, you may spend up to $8,000 on braces, but with clear aligners, you’ll spend anything between $2,100 and $2500, give or take. 

At Beam, we work hard to ensure that our costs are low and very affordable. You also have access to flexible financing options. Beam prices are very affordable to what is offered by other companies.

Once you’ve purchased your Beam impression kit and approved your beam clear aligner treatment, you can enjoy $700 off our single payment plan. What’s more? All payment plans include free teeth whitening and a set of retainers for post-treatment valued at $240.

Responsive customer serviceBeam believes in high standards. Our Australian local support team are available to respond to your inquiries 24/7. You can email us at or send us a message via WhatsApp on +61421577409.

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