Can Your Teeth Be Straightened Without Braces – A Guide to Getting the Perfect Smile

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Introduction: What Causes Crooked Teeth?

A study published in the JAMA Pediatrics journal found that the most common reasons for crooked teeth are due to genes. A family history of mouth breathing, mouth opening, thumb sucking, and teeth grinding also have a role to play. The study found that genetics is the number one cause of crooked teeth.

We can’t change our genetics but we can change our habits to try to prevent crooked teeth.

Beam Clear Aligners vs Braces

For those wondering can your teeth be straightened without braces – yes they can and there are numerous benefits of Beam clear aligners vs braces. Here are just a few:

  1. Treatment time: Average treatment time for braces is 18+ months. In comparison Beam clear aligners have a 4-6 month treatment time.
  1. Patient Comfortability: Beam clear aligners are transparent and can be taken off while eating – leading to much higher patient comfortability. Braces need to be worn 24/7 365 days per year. In contrast, Beam clear aligners can be worn 22 hours per day
  1. At Home Treatment: Straightening your teeth with braces can be a rather lengthy process as you need multiple in-office appointments throughout the process. In comparison, Beam allows for treatment that is entirely remote as you can take care of everything from the comfort of your home. Our dental team will still be there to monitor your progress and help you through any problems along the way
  1. Pricing: Beam clear aligners are only $2,149 compared to $7,000+ for braces.

Therefore, your teeth can be straightened without braces and we recommend Beam clear aligners.

Beam Clear Aligners

We’re on a mission to make dental care more affordable & accessible to Australians. That’s why our clear aligners are the most affordable solution for improving your smile. Best of all we offer two simple ways to pay. 

Once you have purchased your Beam impression kit and approved your Beam Clear Aligner treatment plan the next step in your smile journey is to purchase your Beam Clear Aligners to achieve your dream smile. We offer flexible clear aligner pricing plans as outlined below. We are offering $700 OFF our Single Payment plan for a limited time. All Payment Plans Include Free Teeth Whitening & One Set of Retainers for Post Treatment. Valued at $240. You can check the details of our pricing plans here

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