Can Clear Aligners Fix Crowded Teeth?

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Overview: What are crowded teeth?

Crowded teeth are a condition in which there is not enough space to fit all the teeth in the mouth. They usually occur when the upper and lower jaw does not meet in a midline position.

The crowding may result from an improper alignment of the jaw or from the infant not being born with enough space within their oral cavity for all of their teeth. Some children may have one or more teeth that are pushed out of alignment by a tooth growing in its place, while others may have almost all of their teeth pushed out of alignment.

The most common cause of overcrowding, which is also called an underbite, is due to the improper measurement of the jaw that causes it to grow at a slower pace than the teeth throughout life, although some babies are born with a small jaw size and overbite. This overbite causes tooth crowding because there is not enough room for all the teeth.

What kinds of problems can crowded teeth cause?

We all want to have healthy teeth, with no cavities and not too many gaps. But if you are like most adults, you may have some crowded teeth that are causing problems.

Crowded teeth can cause your mouth to be sore, making it difficult to eat or talk. They can also make it hard for your dentist to clean your teeth properly because they need space in order to brush and floss around them.

Crowded teeth can cause other dental problems over time, like gum disease and dental decay because food gets stuck in-between them more easily than when the gaps are larger.

Can clear aligners fix crowded teeth?

Some people are looking for a way to fix their crowded teeth. Braces are traditionally the most popular answer. However, braces are not suitable for everyone, as they are typically more painful, require longer treatment times, and have a higher treatment cost.

Many people have been asking can clear aligners to fix crowded teeth? The short answer is, yes! Clear aligners provide an alternative solution for these people. These clear aligners can be worn like a retainer and they use light pressure to move your teeth into alignment, without needing metal or wires like with braces. Clear aligners can be used by children over the age of 12, teens, and adults alike who want to fix their crowded teeth without braces or metal brackets.

Beam Clear Aligners

At Beam, our mission is to make dental care more affordable and accessible to all Australians. That’s why our clear aligners are the most affordable solution for improving your smile. Best of all we offer two simple ways to pay. 

Once you have purchased your Beam impression kit and approved your Beam Clear Aligner treatment plan the next step in your smile journey is to purchase your Beam Clear Aligners to achieve your dream smile. We offer flexible clear aligner pricing plans as outlined below. We are offering $700 OFF our Single Payment plan for a limited time. All Payment Plans Include Free Teeth Whitening & One Set of Retainers for Post Treatment. Valued at $240. You can check the details of our pricing plans here.

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