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The last decade has witnessed many positive developments in orthodontic treatment. Before now, you could only straighten your teeth with traditional metal braces. Although now, there are a few clear plastic aligners options to straighten your teeth. However, many people struggle to choose the right option. So, which should you use? Beam Clear aligners or Invisalign? Read along to find out.

Also, it is important to note that there has been an increase in the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment over the years. From what we’ve seen, adults make up at least a quarter of all orthodontic patients. The increase may be connected with the development of clear aligners, also, more adults have realized how important a good smile is to their overall levels of confidence.

At least 80% of adults who have undergone teeth straightening said it was one of the best procedures they ever did. Over 90% admitted that straight teeth helped to boost their confidence.

The thing is, if you wish to correct your teeth alignment or your bite with clear aligners, then you have many options to choose from. Consider two of the more popular options – Beam clear aligners or Invisalign, and see which is best for you.

What is Invisalign?

When you use Invisalign braces, you will wear clear aligners over your top and bottom teeth. These aligners are made of plastic. They move your teeth gradually and cause them to straighten. Compared to traditional braces, you’ll have to remove these aligners before eating or drinking.

Each set of aligners is worn for 22 hours daily, for 5-7 days, then you dispose of that, and use a new set of aligners. There are variations in the treatment time frame, although you can wear the aligners for up to 6 months on average.

Align Technology is the company behind Invisalign’s. Invisalign’s are approved by the US-FDA. They are made of BPS- and BPA-free plastic, and are also latex- and gluten-free.

Before starting an Invisalign treatment, you will have to consult a certified dentist. He or she may not necessarily be an orthodontist but must be a licensed dentist and a certified Invisalign provider. While planning your treatment, the dentist will detail how your smile will be after you’ve worn the aligners. You will also get to know the duration of treatment and the cost.

Most patients go for checkups every 6-8 weeks. You must call your dentist if you have concerns or questions between checkups.

After your treatment, you must wear a retainer. This will help to maintain your teeth alignment. Align Technology, makers of Invisalign also produce retainers known as Vivera Retainers. They are produced with the same materials as the clear aligners. Of course, there are other retainers made from acrylic and other less durable materials.

Beam Clear Aligners

This straightening method involves wearing a clear aligner for a set period. The aligner is made of BPA free plastic material. You will need to wear Beam Clear aligners for at least 22 hours.

Beam Clear aligners must be changed periodically. The frequency at which you will change the aligner, as well as the number of aligners you’ll need, depends on how severe your condition is, as well as the type of treatment.

What are the treatment options for Beam clear aligners?

It is easy and simple to get started with the Beam home teeth straightening kit. First, you order the kit to take your dental impression at home. Beam offers an impression kit for just $49.00. Once you order your impression kit, it is immediately shipped to you, and you can take your impressions at home!

Teeth straightening treatment plan

Beam will use your impressions to design an entirely personalized treatment plan to straighten your teeth. Our plans are approved by licensed dentists.

Achieve your dream smile

After getting your approved treatment plan, your aligners will be sent to you. All you have to do is wear them and move on with your life. At Beam, we work hard to ensure that our costs are low and very affordable. You also have access to flexible financing options to make your treatment pocket-friendly. Beam prices are very low compared to what is offered by other companies.

Beam Clear Aligners vs Invisalign

Are Beam clear aligners the same as Invisalign? Well, the truth is that, while both are clear aligners made of plastic, they aren’t identical. There are some unique differences between both. You must understand the differences between clear aligners and Invisalign so you can make the right decision on which to use for your own personal circumstances.


One of the most common questions asked by first-time users is “the clear aligners vs Invisalign price.” The starting price for Beam clear aligners is $2,149 while Invisalign tends to cost between $6,000-$9,000 in Australia. So, Beam clear aligners are the more budget-friendly option. 

Aligner thickness

The aligner thickness is another unique difference between Beam clear aligners and Invisalign aligners. The materials we use to make our clear aligners are slightly thinner than that of Invisalign. So, clear aligners may be less visible, and you can wear them anywhere without anyone knowing. 


Beam and Invisalign aligners are not produced with the same materials. Beam clear aligners are currently produced with light materials that produce higher comfortability.

We have a team of experts who will supervise your treatment

Yes, your new smile will be reviewed, modified (if necessary), and approved by a registered dentist.

Responsive customer service

Beam believes in high standards and professionalism. Our local Australian support is available to respond to your inquiries 24/7. You can email us at or send us a message via WhatsApp on +61421577409.

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