Beam Clear Aligners vs Braces

Up to 70% cheaper than braces.

1/4 the treatment time, 4-6 months on average.

Higher comfort and near invisible treatment.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Dental clear aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten misaligned teeth. These aligners are made from a thin, transparent plastic that is custom-made for your teeth. The aligner is worn daily and gradually moves your teeth into their new position.

What Are Braces?

Traditional braces are a dental appliance that is used to correct misaligned teeth.

They are typically made from an acrylic material and usually come with a metal wire. The wire is fitted inside the acrylic brackets, which hang from the teeth or gums, and lie flat against them to apply a steady pressure.

Beam Clear Aligners Vs Braces

There are multiple benefits of Beam clear aligners vs braces which means that for most treatment situations Beam clear aligners would be the preferred treatment option. Below is a list of just a few of the benefits of Beam clear aligners vs braces:


Beam clear aligners allow you to straighten your teeth safely at home without the pain of braces. No more inconvenient dental appointments and painful metal wires in your mouth for years. Gone are the days of being picked on with names like ‘metal mouth’, getting food stuck in your braces…and everything else that comes with wearing metal wires in your mouth.

In addition, Beam clear aligners can be taken out while eating or drinking as they can be worn 22 hours per day compared to braces which need to be worn 24/7.


You may be thinking to yourself that braces are already expensive enough I can’t possibly afford this revolutionary new teeth straightening treatment!

Well, here’s the even better news. Braces cost around $8,000+ whereas Beam clear aligners are only $2,149 (for a limited time). So in fact you will actually pay 70% LESS for this new and improved treatment!

Treatment Time

Another important benefit of Beam clear aligners vs braces is the treatment time. Beam clear aligners average treatment time is 4-6 months compared to 2 years for braces.

In What Situation Would Braces Be A Better Alternative?

Due to the benefits above clear aligners are definitely the preference for mild and moderate dental situations, although we would recommend braces when your dental situation is more complex. For example, if you need to rotate your teeth as part of your treatment then braces will be more effective.

The best way to find out if clear aligners are a suitable treatment option for you is to take the Beam Am I A Candidate quiz today.

Beam Clear Aligners

Treatment time: 4-6 Months.

Patient Comfortability: High.

Hours: 22 Hours Per Day.

Pricing: Only $2,149.

Traditional Braces

Treatment time: 18 Months+.

Patient Comfortability: Low.

Hours: 24/7 ,365 Days Per Year.

Pricing: Average Cost of $8,000+.

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