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A gap tooth is also known as a diastema. As the name implies, it is a space between the teeth. You may have your diastema anywhere in your mouth. but, in many cases, it occurs between the two upper front teeth. Both children and adults may be affected by gap teeth. Sometimes, gap teeth in children may disappear once their permanent teeth develop fully.

Some gaps are usually small and may not be noticeable. In other cases, a person may have very large gap teeth, one that creates cosmetic issues for the individual. If you don’t like the appearance of your gap, then there are ways you can reduce its size or close it. Many people consider braces for a gap teeth solution, read on to learn why we have a better solution!

Why do people have a gap in teeth?

Well, there’s no single cause of gap teeth. Several factors contribute to its onset. These include:

  • Missing teeth: this is the most common reason for a gap tooth. The missing tooth allows more space for the other teeth to move around. This causes the creation of other gaps.
  • The size difference between the teeth and jaw bone: gaps can happen if you have a size mismatch between your jaw bone and your teeth. The mismatch size usually causes overcrowding in individuals with large teeth, or gaps in people with small-sized teeth.
  • Large-sized labial frenum: the labial frenum is that piece of skin that attaches to your top lip. If your labial frenum is bigger than it should be, it will link much lower compared to your front teeth. In such cases, it blocks the space reserved for your front teeth.
  • Thumb sucking is another cause of a gap in your teeth. It causes a forward pull of the teeth over time. This process occurs slowly, but it can create gaps, gradually.

Is it possible to prevent tooth gaps?

Preventing tooth gaps is difficult most of the time since they can be caused by abnormally small teeth. But if your gap is created by a habit, like thumb sucking, then you should train yourself to break the habit to prevent a worsening of the condition.

Generally, there’s not much you can do to prevent the formation of tooth gaps. We understand this can cause a feeling of frustration especially when you’re not happy with your smile and its impacting your confidence and self-esteem. In many cases, you may feel that you have done everything right to care for your oral health but still aren’t getting the right smile. 

Here’s the thing, there are solutions that can help to restore your smile and help you regain your confidence.

Braces for gap in teeth

The first thing that often comes to people’s mind as a solution are braces for a gap in teeth. The truth is that braces can fix your gap, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Let me walk you through the process.

You see, a brace is made up of many components. The kind of brace that you need may differ from what I need.  While you may need a straightforward correction, another person might have a more complicated case that requires more aggressive treatment. Regardless of the issue, a dental brace can help restore that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. The components of a brace all share the same purpose – to apply the pressure that will help change the shape of your bone.

Continuous applying of this pressure will cause the movement of your teeth. Your orthodontist can guide the movement of your teeth as well as your bite. Over time, braces will reduce the gap in your teeth until it eventually disappears.

However, aside form the cost and discomfort of braces, perhaps worst of all is that braces for gap in teeth is an incredibly slow process. 

Is there a better solution for a gap in teeth?

Yes! Beam clear aligners come to the rescue. Beam can fix those gaps between your teeth. We’ll also examine your teeth to determine the most suitable aligner treatment plan for your condition. Some of the benefits of using Beam clear aligners include:

  • Improved self-esteem: sealing your gap teeth will beautify your smile. Of course, with this change, your confidence receives a boost, helping you to relax and smile confidently while meeting people and taking photos.
  • Improved oral hygiene: Beam clear aligners can be removed when it’s time to clean your teeth or eat. This means that your teeth will be clean and free of plaque, and you’ll not have any food particles trapped in there.
  • Personalized treatment: Beam clear aligners are custom-made. So, they will be created after making an impression of your tooth. This means that they will fit you perfectly.
  • Comfort: Beam clear aligners are thin, light, and comfortable. There are no elastics, metal wires, or plates attached to your teeth. You can also eat free without worrying about food getting stuck in your teeth. What’s more? You can always wear them with ease.
  • Confidential treatment: Clear aligners are near invisible. So, unlike wearers of traditional braces, you won’t feel unnecessarily embarrassed whenever you open your mouth.

At Beam, we’re concerned about your bite problems and committed to fixing them in the best possible way. We understand how important your smile is to you.

If you’d like to know more about you can fix your gap teeth problem, please, reach out to us and our Australian team will guide you appropriately.

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