The Clear Aligners vs Braces Debate: Are Clear Aligners Better Than Braces?

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Introduction to Braces or Clear Aligners

It is common to think that braces and clear aligners are the same thing but in reality, they play different roles in your dental health.

Clear aligners are dental appliances that are placed over the teeth. Unlike braces, they do not require any metal wires to hold them in place. These aligners are made out of a material that is flexible and can be removed much like teeth whitening trays.

Clear aligners are used by people who want to straighten their teeth but they don’t want the hassle of wearing braces on their teeth every day for many years.

How to Decide Between Braces and Clear Aligners

The clear aligner is an alternative to conventional braces. The advantage of this appliance is that it does not require much maintenance and it only takes about six months for the treatment to be done. However, unlike braces, people may experience some discomfort due to gum irritation when adjusting to them initially.

Braces are another popular method for correcting misaligned teeth using metal brackets, which are attached with wire on the top and bottom part of each tooth. The brackets on this appliance are fitted with rubber bands or elastics which tighten the whole thing every time you make a new adjustment to the device.

Are clear aligners better than braces?

Our dental team believe clear aligners are better than braces because they do not require any invasive procedures. Braces may cause some discomfort during treatment, but this can be lessened by using a mouth guard or a night guard. On the other hand, clear aligners have been shown to be more comfortable.

Some other advantages of clear aligners vs braces beyond comfortability are:

  • Pricing: Clear aligners are typically $6,000 cheaper than braces.
  • Removable: Clear aligners can be removed while eating and drinking.
  • Remote treatment: Clear aligners do not require in office dental appointments.
  • Appearance: Clear aligners are almost invisible.
  • Treatment time: Clear aligners take on average 4-6 months vs 2+ years for braces.

Beam Clear Aligners

At Beam, our mission is to make dental care more affordable and accessible to all Australians. That’s why our clear aligners are the most affordable solution for improving your smile. Best of all we offer two simple ways to pay. 

Once you have purchased your Beam impression kit and approved your Beam Clear Aligner treatment plan the next step in your smile journey is to purchase your Beam Clear Aligners to achieve your dream smile. We offer flexible clear aligner pricing plans as outlined below. We are offering $700 OFF our Single Payment plan for a limited time. All Payment Plans Include Free Teeth Whitening & One Set of Retainers for Post Treatment. Valued at $240. 

You can check the details of our pricing plans here.

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